Craig Allan

Gateshead, UK

Freelance web developer and amateur
photographer based in North-East England

About Me

I'm 32 years old and live in Gateshead in the North-East of England. For my day job I design commercial kitchens and I'm also a freelance web developer.

In my spare time my interests include travel, photography, music, films and video games.

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Darden Pike
River Coquet
Tyne Bridge Sunset
Swing Bridge
Wedder Leap
Dunston Staiths
Corby's Crags
Milky Way
Marsden Rock
St Paul's

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Other Projects

Drag Cast
Spirit Cast

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#bbcqt making me annoyed as usual! Glad to see @RichardBurgon speaking sense though. #Brexit
@ca2cal29 Sep

I think Priti Pratel needs to look up the meaning of the word “plan” #BBCQT #brexit
@ca2cal29 Sep

@virginmedia not really, gave up after getting cut off again. Can you make account changes in store?
@ca2cal28 Sep

Hey @richardbranson, any chance of someone answering the phone at @virginmedia? On hold for 20mins after being cut off first time.
@ca2cal27 Sep

Darden Pike 269/366 #project366 #northumberland #simonside #landscape #photography #photo @VisitNland
@ca2cal25 Sep

"Corbyn must be willing to work with all sides of the party": er like he didn't appoint Benn, Bryant, Coaker, Eagle, Watson, Smith....?
@MichaelRosenYes24 Sep

@Hollyberryboo @BBCNews have they not seen the breakdown of votes?
@ca2cal24 Sep

@lukeakehurst or maybe you could support the elected leader and oppose the Tories instead?
@ca2cal24 Sep