Craig Allan

Gateshead, UK

Freelance web developer and amateur
photographer based in North-East England

About Me

I'm 32 years old and live in Gateshead in the North-East of England. For my day job I design commercial kitchens and I'm also a freelance web developer.

In my spare time my interests include travel, photography, music, films and video games.

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River Coquet
Greymare Rocks
43238 1S20 Denton School
67029 1E21 Denton School
43295 1E19 Bardon Mill
St Cuthbert’s Church
67029 1S13 Lane Head
43316 1S11 Upper Denton
43277 1S09 Upper Denton
Corby Bridge
43317 1S18 Bardon Mill

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Drag Cast
Spirit Cast

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“They’re good leaders, follow what they say” @KenLoachSixteen @jeremycorbyn @johnmcdonnellMP #bbcqt #labour

@sleafordmods class gig tonight, as always! @o2academynewc
@ca2cal24 Oct

@sleafordmods any idea what time you are on stage tonight?
@ca2cal24 Oct

“Taking back control” #brexit #marmite…
@ca2cal12 Oct

Great turn out at Gateshead Civic Centre for very hastily arranged meeting with Leader of the Labour Party……
@IanMearnsMP1 Oct

Great speech and Q&A session from @jeremycorbyn at @GMBCouncil this afternoon. #EducationNotSegregation…
@ca2cal1 Oct

#bbcqt making me annoyed as usual! Glad to see @RichardBurgon speaking sense though. #Brexit
@ca2cal29 Sep

I think Priti Pratel needs to look up the meaning of the word “plan” #BBCQT #brexit
@ca2cal29 Sep